On a Friend’s Gift to Deianeira

Perhaps it is some true essence,
This spiced verbena.
“Oh, it does seem like a nice fragrance”
Offer it then to Deianeira,
Who knows its sense.


An Ode Upon the Appearance of Sunshine in Winter



Sunlight bathes the winter earth,

Bringing light to death

Or, perhaps the darkness of rebirth.


There lingered the memory of months gone by,

A bloom of love painting

Soft lips to touch the sky.


Though it may familiar be,

See how love embraces life,

How life embraces a memory.


Red Onion

Red Onion

Tonight you had the flare of Orion.

In fact, you were just like a red onion:

Which, even when sliced ever so fine

Shows its purple color divine,

And though ensconced in a bit of lettuce

You impress past any lattice.

So let them eye the leafy greens

Who are impressed with leafy things:

For nature made you good from hand to rings.