Green Apples in Winter

Green Apples in Winter “They’re best when sautéed with cinnamon and butter.” But the scent that first fluttered the air, A sweet spring, a green blossom, Was winsome youth, And love so fair, In truth. Advertisements

Zen Meditation #3

Zen Meditation #3 Leaves fallen Deep in a well, Know nothing; Become silence; Become surface; Become raindrops; Become the sweep Of a fishes’ tail, The sun, The moon, A bird’s whistle, And a scooping pail. But not a buddha: The sun and moon together Cannot occupy Such a small space.

Epigram on a Fashionable Hat

Rumpled, fashionable, and deliberately poised: Her hat indeed said all that. But what is more and despite the noise, Was, O boys, a perfect love for cats.

A Preposterous Paragraph

A Bee in my apartment When I came home, I chaunced to fee a bee upon the wall. It was crawling thereon. I retrieved a plaftic falad container, and managed to get the bee therein. I then releafed the bee into the air: goe bee and doe thy work.

Immature Reflection on “Great” Art (After Reading Duchamp)

Boring Critic: “Does this novelty have sufficient escape velocity To rise above the gravity of the past?” Plans were made for a futuristic city Time was counted beyond its seeming last. Dung Heap: This question was not properly framed at all. Time is but the trajectory of chaotic messiness: This, surely, is a lovely mess;…

Derrida at the Malt Shop

“I’d like that to go!” -Doo wop, who-oah “With dairy please” -Wahhh, wahh-ahh “I, Jacques, cannot live without Derr-y” -Daaa, da, da, da, da A certain text says so, And I thought you should know.

Sunset On a Day Off

As eyeing tomorrow looks past today, It seems best to let these shadows have their play: Tomorrow will come. For now, that sweetens the hour, In time as the bitter exerts its power. And as each season does, in time, unfold, Each one compresses fast whatever it holds. And as Minerva’s owl spreads its wings, It flies, nonetheless,…


To Michelangelo Antonioni A dog, breathing the moon, breathed in the night, And a hungry bird, looking askance, took flight. This happened in a field of tall, sparse grass, Yellow, green, and wavy like the overpass, Below which small rodents burrowed their homes In the soft, humid, and root entangled loam. You were among them,…

Two Zen Meditations

Zen Meditation on a Cool, Flowing Stream in Mid-Summer (On Meditation) Over the rocks, a cool river flows. Yet, in stillness, it reflects the passing clouds And trees swaying lightly when the wind blows. When a bird drinks, it merely bats and eye. Existential Thoughts on Nature What flowers are these anyway? They are growing…